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One of the best ways to stay engaged with Scripture throughout the year is to use a Bible reading plan. When you click on the "Choose a Reading Plan" button it will take you to the M’Cheyne reading plan system, a devotion we have used as a congregation.  It features four different reading plans for use in both family and personal devotions. I hope you enjoy it.



The Bible is the inerrant Word of God.  It is God's way of revealing Himself, His will and His way to us.  To misunderstand the Word is to misunderstand God-His character, nature, and grace.   Therefore, it is essential that you receive sound, faithful, and consistent Biblical teaching.  It is also vital that you study the scriptures for yourself. There is little to no significant spiritual growth without biblical understanding.

With that being said, the truth of the matter is that the Bible is not that easy to understand and can be quite intimidating with all of its big foreign words, lol!  But, God is faithful, and His Holy Spirit guides and teaches us and helps us to understand the Word, even the difficult passages.  However, we still have to study for ourselves and give the Holy Spirit something to work with and bring to our remembrance, in time of need.

I consider myself a lifelong student of God's Word and have come across many resources that have been helpful in my spiritual development.  Prayerfully, these resources are useful to you in your relationship with Jesus as you get to know Him better. 


Below are four apps that allow you to keep the Word with you and to study wherever you go.


Logos Bible app not only places the Word at your fingertips, but you can also compare your translations, take and share notes, and build a daily reading plan. A free and paid version is available, and I believe you join small groups with others from around the world and discuss the passage.  The intuitive interface makes it simple to switch between distraction-free reading and in-depth study.


Verses is a fun app and aids in scripture meditation and memorization. You can choose to learn the memory verse (of your choice)  by reading and listening to it first.   Then you can decide to unscramble the verse like a puzzle or fill in the blanks.  It offers a lot of variety. However, the only “free” version is the King James translation.  Other translations only cost $4.99 per year. 

YouVersion is a pretty popular Bible app.  It offers a variety of daily reading plans and devotionals, you can take notes in the app and share with friends or to social media. 

The Bible Experience is a cd, not an app, but you can purchase it as an mp3 and listen to it on your phone. It is a recording of the Bible read by great actors, musicians, and pastors.  It is lightly dramatized with a great deal of passion and expression, and there are background noises such as people talking and the bustling of the crowds.  I love it because it enables me to hear the Word from another perspective just by the tone or inflection of the reader.   


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